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Wind/Feng Water Earth/Tu Fire/Huo Wood/Mu Metal/Jin Man/Ren Woman/N Health/An Time/Chen


3D Printed Earrings of Chinese Characters

Made in America

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Crafted by a professional sculptor with an eye for detail, our jewelry complements any look.

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For more information on our designs or for questions and concerns, please contact us.

Pattie Firestone Designs

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   Pattie Firestone Designs in Chevy Chase, Maryland, manufactures and sells 3D printed earrings of Chinese characters. Each earring is carefully interpreted to have dynamic movement by our sculptor/designer, a noted Washington, DC and California artist.

This line of jewelry began as our sculptor's personal rendition of the classic Chinese character that has been evolving for more than 6,000 years in China. Now our earrings are an affordable way to add an exotic element to your look.

Contact our store to order a pair of our unique 3D printed earrings of Chinese characters.