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Dorothy with Water/Shui

Dorothy with Water/Shui

While developing a sculpture commission for a garden in Aspen, CO, sculptor Pattie Porter Firestone created a series of bronze Chinese characters for her client.

Susan with Wood/Mu

Susan with Wood/Mu

When Firestone learned that 3D printers could make these same pieces with their moving parts at a very reasonable price, she turned those sculptures into interlocking 3D, brightly colored plastic earrings.

These unique sculptural interpretations of the most basic and popular Chinese characters give life to Chinese words for Americans. Firestone has 10 designs of words, each with movement, made in light-weight plastic in 9 different dynamic colors and affordable for everyone to enjoy. The matt finish looks like bone.

Earrings Sculptures

The most popular characters are the WIND/Feng and WATER/Shui.

TRY to mix & match the colors and the pictograms to say FENG-SHUI, the famous Chinese study of the flow of energy.

The next most popular words are the five Chinese elements:


Pattie Firestone Bio

Pattie Porter Firestone is a noted sculptor in Washington, DC, and California. She works in metal, wood, and ceramics. She makes table-sized sculptures as well as larger garden sculptures. She made a series of bronze Chinese characters in various sizes for indoors and outdoors before she decided to translate them into earrings. She is enthralled with the beauty, expressiveness, and the meaning of the brush stroke Chinese characters and even studied Chinese brush painting.

Firestone grew up in Atlanta, GA, went to Mount Holyoke College, and later studied at the New York Studio School in Paris, Otis/Parsons School of Design in Los Angeles, The Corcoran School of Art in Washington, DC, and Anderson Ranch in Snowmass, CO. She has sculptures in the collections of, Herndon, VA, Art in the Italian Embassy in Rome, Lobby of Cathedral Commons Apartments, NW/DC, Montgomery College, Rockville, MD, Potomac Overlook Regional Park, Arlington, VA, The Aspen Institute, Aspen, CO and in many individual collections around the country and internationally.

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For more about her sculptures, see here.

Pattie Porter


“While affixed solidly, the forms implied piercing and penetration, a movement in and out of their containment, suggesting waves and water……… Her dreamscape pulled the viewer into a shared experience of awareness – neither hopeful or threatening – that reflected the simple inevitability of our evolution.”
— Rima Schulkind, Sculpture, June 2012

Artist Statement

Using the simple vocabulary of metal lines in space, I create three-dimensional objects anchored in the earth yet breaking away from their gravitational limitations. Searching to comprehend nature’s invisible language, I use line, rhythm, and movement to express energies connecting us with the earth.

Pattie Working